Italian Restaurant Franchise – Wienstein & Gavino’s

Benvenuti to Wienstein & Gavino’s, one of the most iconic establishments in Montreal. Wienstein & Gavino’s is an authentic and traditional Italian restaurant offering a rustic atmosphere and contemporary feel and taste. Wienstein & Gavino’s was founded in 1996 and is a cornerstone of Ville-Marie Collection.

Influenced by the flavors and traditions of Italy, Wienstein & Gavino’s cuisine is always innovative and fresh. Wienstein & Gavino’s is constantly exploring new and creative dishes as trends evolve, all while respecting the classics; with homemade pasta made from scratch daily and pizzas cooked to perfection in a brick oven, Wienstein & Gavino’s provides an authentic Italian culinary experience for all tastes. Combining a smart casual approach to lunch and dinner, with takeout, catering and event-hosting options; Wienstein & Gavino’s is all-encompassing. The experience at Wienstein & Gavino’s, “LA VITA È BELLA”.

Ville-Marie Collection offers a unique franchising opportunity with Wienstein & Gavino’s, as a solid large-scale brasserie that has thrived over a two decade period, a rare accomplishment in the industry. Its rustic atmosphere and synergistic balance of its contemporary ambiance and traditional cuisine help Wienstein& Gavino’s stand out in a multitude of diverse cities. In a market where the consumer is progressively discerning and has higher experience expectations, with its fresh approach to smart-casual dining, Ville-Marie Collection offers Wienstein& Gavino’s as a multidimensional option to its franchisees.

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