L’Atelier d’Argentine Steakhouse Franchises

Welcome to L’Atelier d’Argentine, a contemporary Argentinian restaurant, as if torn out of the heart of Buenos Aires. L’Atelier d’Argentine was founded in 2012 by the innovative restauranteur partners of Ville-Marie Collection. Their vision was to design a next-generation steakhouse that offers a truly unique culinary experience and a great value for money.

Rooted in the history and nestled in the urban and regional landscape, the genuine Argentinian cuisine is distinct with a strong flavorful identity – easy to understand and even easier to love. L’Atelier d’Argentine’s menu is honest, focusing on the quality of the core ingredient and a true reflection of contemporary Argentinian food. Using fresh and high quality local and imported ingredients, chef Natalia Machado stayed true to her Argentinian roots in creating a menu that is both sophisticated in its attention to detail and classic in its distinct strong flavorful identity. Our guests are able to enjoy simple yet exciting food in the comfort of a trendy décor.

Whether it is for brunch on the weekend, a business lunch or a late night dinner followed by cocktails, L’Atelier d’Argentine is committed to serving a varied clientele. By combining a smart casual approach to lunch and dinner with catering and event-hosting options, L’Atelier d’Argentine is a multidimensional restaurant that brings authenticity and diversity to both guests and franchisees alike.

Ville-Marie Collection offers a unique steakhouse franchising opportunity with L’Atelier d’Argentine, as a solid and cutting-edge restaurant that will stand out in a multitude of diverse cities. In a market where the consumer is progressively discerning and has higher experience expectations, with its fresh approach to smart-casual dining, Ville-Marie Collection offers L’Atelier d’Argentine as a multidimensional option to its franchisees.

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