Argentinian vs. Brazilian Steakhouses: What’s the Difference?

At L’Atelier d’Argentine, we pride ourselves on offering guests the ultimate in authentic Argentinian cuisine. Among the emerging trends in the steakhouse realm is the ever-popular Brazilian steakhouse. Concepts like Texas de Brazil, Fogo do Chao, and more have risen to the top as brands to watch – as they wow guests with their fair share of spectacle and culinary wonder.If you’re familiar with Ville-Marie Collection’s signature franchise concept L’Atelier d’Argentine, you may wonder, “What’s the difference between a Brazilian steakhouse and an Argentinian steakhouse?”

We’ve noted a few key differences to satisfy steak lovers’ curiosity:

Cuts of Beef
The cuts of beef unique to Argentinian steakhouses differ from those of the Brazilian steakhouse. Though both concepts feature particularly large cuts of meat, Argentinian steakhouses separate their cuts of beef by shape and texture. If you visit one of these unique restaurants, you’ll certainly be pleased to learn a thing or two about what makes a prime Argentinian cut.

Fans of the Brazilian steakhouse recognize the infamous skewer of beef that the wait staff handles during service. Guests signal to notify that they’re ready for an additional serving of meat and waiters slice the beef right off the skewer onto their plates. Side dishes are often available in a buffet-style presentation. Argentinian steakhouses differ slightly in their approach to presentation. A truly authentic spread features multiple meats in a grandiose layout, as Argentinians are known for using all parts of the cow. As a full-service restaurant concept, L’Atelier d’Argentine embraces a more traditional method of serving, though we do feature the authentic platter presentation, as well.

Brazilian steakhouses are known for a barbecue style named churrascaria, while Argentinian steakhouses favor the grill. The asado tradition is reminiscent of a large traditional gathering that often doubles as an all-day feast. All meat is slow cooked, bone-side-down and only flipped once before it is served to juicy, tender perfection.

Argentinian steakhouses stand out as one-of-a-kind culinary experiences that are best experienced with friends and loved ones. Our steakhouse franchise owner-operators are fully equipped to bring this experience to their own community through our eclectic steakhouse concept.

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The Argentine Asado: Step by Step

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