Franchise boulangerie – Xavier Artisan

No fuss, just good

Always homemade & home-baked

Always the best local natural products

Xavier Artisan is a counter reaction to the culture of fast food and poor nutritionally conceived concepts. It’s the alternative where real artisan spirit is held high and where the ingredients are all quality products and homemade or home-baked where possible, without compromising speed, price or profitability.

It is catering to a growing market of discerning guests who understand the health impact of the repetitive quick lunches and meals that our busy lives are subjected to. Xavier Artisan ultimately offers a great variety of delicious products, with distinctive flavors and full ingredient transparency.

The Xavier Artisan take-out counter offers artisanal sandwiches, delicious and comforting soups, healthy and easy-to-eat salads, coffees and ice cream – all made in-house. Xavier Artisan uses local, authentic, simple and delicious ingredients to make their food. Xavier Artisan is ideal for eating on the go, taking out and enjoying on your favorite public bench or getting it delivered to your office.

Si vous désirez apprendre de plus d’informations concernant cette franchise,
svp contactez-nous à 514 564 6798 ou cliquez ici

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