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All of the restaurants will offer their own spin on a new limited edition dish each week.

Hosted byAlexandre
Each week, the chefs are given one main ingredient around which they must create a dish. This recipe will be the weekly limited edition main course, and one of the 4 main courses on the LeCHOP menu. Please keep in mind that this dish is only available for that week.

For the 4th edition of LeCHOP, participating restaurants include Decca77, L’Atelier d’Argentine Downtown, L’Atelier d’Argentine Vieux-Port, Newtown and Wienstein & Gavino’s. Each restaurant offers an authentic and delicious 3 course menu for $25.


Food: Lamb.
Dish to make (All Time): Pastel de carne (shepherd’s pie) and risotto.
Drink / Cocktail: Bourbon, straight.
Hosting tip: Forget that you are hosting; treat your guests like family.
Food Memory: An early Sunday morning at my first job; toasted homemade pain au levain with foie gras butter, and a freshly brewed maté.  I can’t explain it, but the comfort and simplicity of both together has stayed in my head forever.
Holiday to cook for: Christmas in Argentina; lots of barbecuing.
Spice: Chipotle flakes.


Food: Steak-frites.
Dish to make (ALL TIME): Seafood rice (paella).
Drink / Cocktail: Heineken/red wine.
Hosting tip: Keep it simple.
Food Memory: Waking up on Sunday mornings to the smell of my mom’s roasts.
Winter dish: Pot roast.
Holiday to cook for: Locro, in my menus every winter.
Spice: Maldon sea salt/ Piri Piri.


Food: Italian
Dish to make (ALL TIME): Stuffed eggplant from my Nonna.
Drink/Cocktail: Campari soda.
Hosting tip: Always try to have something funky on your menu or alcool. People will remember that.
Food memory: Meatballs (polpettes) from my Nonna.
Winter dish : Ragout de boulette roccoco.
Holiday to cook for: Mother’s day brunch.
Spice: Cinnamon.


Food: My favorite Food to Eat is Asian; General Tao, sushi, dumplings, or a rich heady coconut milk broth.
Dish to make (ALL TIME): Asparagus and lemon zest risotto.
Drink/Cocktail: An Aperol spritz or a classic Negroni.
Hosting tip: Anticipation and preparation will make for a memorable evening.
Food memory: Eating my first oyster with my father and my grandfather at 8 years old.
Winter dish: My mother’s meatloaf.
Holiday to cook for: Easter; because of lamb. I love lamb.
Spice: Nutmeg.
During the 1st season of our LeCHOP series, you have the chance to get an up close and personal look at how our chefs get creative in the kitchen! You also get a say! You get to vote on your favourite dishes and better yet; with each vote, you’re entered to win one of the 5 weekly prizes on offer; a free LeCHOP meal for two!


By voting, you are entered to win 1 of 5 weekly prizes of a free LeCHOP meal for 2. You can vote once per week and winners will be announced every Sunday. Prizes must be redeemed by February 11, 2016. Cannot be combined with any other promotion. By voting, you will be updated on all contest news by email.

February 8th
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Pato a la naranja
31% of votes
Juniper duck breast
13% of votes
Duck Saltimbocca
16% of votes
Fig gastrique lacquered duck breast
40% of votes
February 5th
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Risotto de calabaza ahumada
20% of votes
Butternut squash casserole
23% of votes
Butternut squash gnocchi
28% of votes
Pappardelle butternut
squash carbonara
30% of votes
January 25th
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Pechito de cerdo agridulce
24% of votes
Pork belly sashimi and chicharron
25% of votes
Porchetta-style pork belly
20% of votes
Fennel-cider braised pork belly
31% of votes
January 18th
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Maple and spiced bison-braised short ribs
25% of votes
Confied salmon and maple sponge toffee
17% of votes
Trucha dulce
22% of votes
Maple-glazed pork chop lollipop
37% of votes
January 11th
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Scallop-filled cappelletti
20% of votes
Scallop brochette, mead butter glazed vegetables
22% of votes
Truffled diver scallops
28% of votes
Callos del chubut
30% of votes
January 4th
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Sicilian Pistachio-Honey Crusted Rack of Lamb
40% of votes
Cordero Patagonico
27% of votes
Elephant Ear Lamb Chops
8% of votes
Lamb Lollipop
25% of votes
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